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Kids Ranqe is one of the most well-known player killers in RuneScape history. Starting out in October 2005, players sometimes refer to him as the "God of PKing" or "The father of Pures". He has released 15 PK videos on YouTube which has led to his huge popularity.

Kids Ranqe started his PKing career as a ranged pure, PKing with his twin Kids RanQe. He later turned into a maxed pure, getting his strength, attack, magic and ranged to 99 and his prayer to 52. He created his first PK video and immediately gained fame. He was very skilled at player killing, using all three corners of the combat triangle to defeat his enemies. His primary hunting grounds were at the green dragons north of Varrock, but also at Edgeville. Although he was affiliated with multiple clans, the videos seldom show him PKing with any of them.

From the period of early 2007 and mid 2007 he released 14 PKing videos which gained him the fame he is known by today. His usual PKing outfit was a pair of ghostly robes (a top and a bottom), an amulet of glory, a cream (white) hat, a abyssal whip, an unholy book and a skillcape/god cape. After releasing his 10th PKing video his account was hijacked. It is believed that the hijacker cleared his bank PIN, and then cleaned Kids Ranqe's entire bank which was worth an estimated 80 to 100 million coins. He later recovered the accountt, and along with all his fans and his friends who gave him donations he returned to PKing and released 4 other videos. At some point after the 12th video his account was hijacked again (it is not known whether it was the same hijacker or not). This time, instead of dropping all of Kids Ranqe's possesions, the hijacker raised the account's defence level to 32. After recovering the account again, Kids Ranqe decided to take advantage of this and convert his account into a Berserker pure. Soon after, the account was hijacked for a third time, but this time he was unable to recover it.

He took the last clips he had and compiled a 15th and final player killing video. He also released two videos explaining his career in RuneScape.