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A Kill Thief (or Kill Stealer) is a player that takes what players may call "their training area" or "their monster". These players go to common training areas (cannot be multicombat) and quickly attacks monsters as they respawn. Other players who were already at the area and were training on the monsters become annoyed at the Kill Thief. The Kill Thief may resort to tactics such as attacking with a low-level Magic spell (mage-grabbing) to attract the monster's attention before other players can. When players try to tell the Kill Thief that they were there first and there are other training areas nearby or offer to 'share kills', or take turns killing the monster. The Kill Thief will often refuse to take turns or leave and may become hostile and say that they can "own" the other players or call the players "noobs". The Kill Thief may continue to pester the other players even by following them or through private messaging, challenging them to fight in the Wilderness or Duel Arena. Unfortunately, the Kill Thief has not broken any of the Rules of Conduct unless the Kill Thief has used offensive language, spamming, or a similar offence. The best thing to do about these players if they are continually being annoying is to ask them politely to stop, inform them they are being annoying and immature, and finally put them on the ignore list.

Other "Pest Killer"[]

If you are like me, and you want to have a bit of fun with the other player, you can always just say "That's okay, I'm fine with sharing" and use range to grab the opponent's attention. Assuming that the kill thief beats you, simply follow them occasionally saying "Sad noob" or some other thing. Also, add them to your friend's list. If they world hop, go after them.

Author: TakedaIesyu