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Kingduffy 1 gained fame after the Summoning skill was released, wherein he was one of the first bollocks to achieve 99. After achieving his place as number one, his fame increased from Youtube videos and from newly-added RuneScape players. Since achieving #1, Kingduffy 1 had held this title for several months, before again losing to Gertjaars, a longtime first page player who has recently become more competitive. 

His highlights are also having every skill in the first 200 ranks. He has opened a clan chat which is very popular but like every other clan chat, it will be a spamming target.

Many rumours have been circulating after his supposed 'quiting' of the game, the most popular of which is that he was left dead after his kidney exploded after playing the game for 24 hours without sleep. However he actually quit the game making the following statement on 28 November 2012 on the High Level Forums:

Hey, haven't been active in here for a long time I know but I have been playing. On Monday I was hacked, for the first time, and after getting my account back this afternoon, have been cleaned of everything but untradeables. 

Had a great 8 years playing and have met and played with some fantastic people, so felt the need to say goodbye here and thank you to everyone, I'll be playing on and off and checking these forums, but nothing as serious, having nothing to play with is kind of a kick in the balls.

Have e-mailed relevant channels for explanations but heard nothing yet, if you do read this J-mods - any information would be nice.

Thanks again,


This was short lived as he quickly went back to playing several weeks later.