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Kirmbo was once considdered one of the richest players on Runescape back in 2005 and 2006, one of the notorious trades that took place was a Blue Party Hat for 56 Santa Hats.

Kirmbo was eventually tricked by another player (User unknown) into "lending" her party-hats to another player (Before the lend feature was added to the game) The player who took the Party-Hats out of guilt then returned one of the Part Hats, but kept the rest. It is believed Kirmbo was decieved by love.

Another incident that is most famous that involved Kirmbo happened on the message-board, with a post titled "My Sad Story" which was a post that went deep into the ever increasing greed that the player-base was beginning to embrace. The thread reached maximum post count within a few hours and many spin-off threads eventuated from it.

The post included a story about being "door-slammed" within the Heroes Guild blue dragons while wearing a partyhat, this is when a player continually slamsa door shut on another player as they click to open it, preventing them from leaving a certain place. It is said this post on the message-board eventually prompted the Runescape J-Mod team to change the heroes guild blue dragon door to allow the player to walk through before it shuts closed.

Sometime after these events Kirmbo left the game, it is said their Estimated wealth on the day of quitting was 6 billion GP. Kirmbo hosted a massive party-hat hide and seek game on their world 22, citing love as their reason for quitting. Only returning once for Zezima's wedding to Elianstep in August of 2006.

There have been reports that Kirmbo has recently returned to Runescape after being gone 6 years, it is currently unknown how much of the wealth she had before leaving that she has retained, however some believe her to still be in possession of more than 1 billion gold, which is not enough to buy a partyhat in todays Runescape Economy.