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Looting is the act of waiting around for other players to die and then getting the items they leave behind. Often times this is done in very dangerous places such as the God Wars Dungeon, the Wilderness, the Ancient Cavern or any other dangerous place.

It is sometimes looked down by other players as it is a method of obtaining items without really earning them. However, it is not a bannable offence under any current rule unless some type of scam or lure was involved.

In the first few hours that the God Wars Dungeon was released looting became a very profitable means of obtaining items. Many medium to high level players brought valuable armour and weapons such as Barrows and Dragon equipment without realising the full danger of the God Wars Dungeon. There were many players who were able to obtain the items after they died.

Looting is somewhat uncommon now but every so often can occur. Looting in the God Wars Dungeon is no longer a very viable means of obtaing money since most experienced players are now aware of the risks and dangers of the dungeon.

Arrow collecting could also be considered a form of looting as well as scavenging.


Player 1 waits in the God Wars Dungeon without much if any items and waits for an unsuspecting player to die and drop their items.
Player 2 dies with full Guthans.
Player 1 grabs the items and teleports.