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Lord Darkeet is often thought to be the most dangerous lurer in runescape history.

He has invented over thirty-six monster lures, when before him there were only six. He is more dangerous than most lurers because he practices in killing his victims outside of pvp.

There used to be a video depicting him killing multiple high leveled players on youtube outside of PvP, but it was removed long ago so Jagex would not be able to ban Darkeet. The only video with him on youtube shows him holding a very large clan war, where an estimated three-hundred players attended, but because only one-hundred players can be in one clan at a time, he had to hold an entire separate war with his own army.

One of his most infamous scams is the killerwatt lure. Darkeet would lure the victem to the killerwatt plane and have them attack a killerwatt with a bronze javelin, telling them that the bronze javelin was a glitched weapon, killing the killerwatt in one hit. Of course, the killerwatt would usually kill the victim, most often because they were a low level, lacked proper equipment, or did not have a suitable Slayer level.

Another one of his infamous lures was a pvp lure. He would often private message a fairly high leveled player saying something along the lines of "Hey, there is a guy over there your level with dragon claws, he doesn't have any more food, and his defence is only one." Darkeet would then have the targeted player follow him, where his luring team would proceed to kill the target, and then share the loot.