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The Lumbridge Castle Trap is a scam usually preformed without a scammers prior preperation. The scam works in the second floor room with the spinning wheel. A random event usually a strange plant may sometimes appear if the victim ignores the plant and it attacks him/her they have to leave through the only door to avoid being seriously injured or killed. The scammer will shut the door preventing escape. The victim will try to open the door and the scammer will just shut it again. The victims life will be quickly drained until they die and the scammer will pick up their stuff. Since the room is so small the victim cannot go out of the random events range. Luckly as many players pass through here they may help the victim by trying to open the door. To avoid this scam never ignore strange plants in this room or any other small cramped areas.

This scam can be considered obsolete ever since Jagex fixed the door system. However, attempting to do it is in breach of Rule 4.

Another way to do this scam will require the victim to have started "The Lost Tribe" quest. The scammer will then inform the victim that there are several rare items in the blocked cave. The victim may enter without a light source, causing their death.

Example of Scam 2[]

Scammer: Did u no that therz lots of phats in tht cave?

Victim: Really? I'll go try it out!

The Victim unblocks the tunnel and attempts to enter.

Victim: It sez tht I need a lite source.

Scammer: Lol dude its just jking. Jag wants 2 scare peeps from phats.

Victim: O lmao kk.

The victim goes into the tunnel without a light source and is quickly killed by the bugs. The scammer logs out before the victim returns, or taunts the victim.



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