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Our contibutors have created 359 articles since we were founded on 12 April, 2007.
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This is NOT a site that teaches how to scam, macro, grief or otherwise break the Rules of Conduct.
If you came here with that express intention, please leave immediately.

13 July 2011 - Congratulations to the newest bureaucrat on the Dark RuneScape Wiki, Chilled Socks!

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Article of the Month - October

Rule 8 prohibits multiple account logging-in and interaction between RuneScape accounts, including Drop Trading. It is one of the Rules of Conduct. In short, players who own multiple accounts cannot transfer items between their accounts in any way, including logging into two accounts at the same time (on one computer or two computers) and trading between them. This is a very difficult rule to be able to report, as there is no true way to know whether or not the player is using multiple accounts. If a player violates Rule 8, the accounts that interacted with each other will receive a temporary or permanent ban.Read More...

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13 July 2011 - Congratulations to the newest bureaucrat on the Dark RuneScape Wiki, Chilled Socks!

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The Dark RuneScape Wiki was created on April 12, 2007. Currently, the Wiki has only a few users and a handful of articles with scattered topics. The wiki is still getting off the ground, and warmly welcomes any new users, contributers, and contributions. The Dark RuneScape Wiki has a different focus than the RuneScape Wiki. As the Dark RuneScape Wiki takes shape more, it will focus on the rules of RuneScape (and ways they can be broken) as well as have articles on known scams, baits, lures, glitches, and bugs. These articles are written to inform all potential victims, so that they may avoid being scammed or receiving punishment for breaking rules. Visitors that like to stick to the lighter side of RuneScape may want to check out our sister wiki, the RuneScape Wiki, which can be found at the link above.


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