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The Meet me there scam is an item scam in which a player tricks the victim into forgetting he has items in the trade menu, and accepting the trade for a teleport tab, transportation item, or any worthless item. This scam is quite similar to the Free Lobster Scam. This is a very harsh scam, as you can lose millions of gp from it.

Thanks to the Grand Exchange, it is much harder to perform this scam. However, it is still extremely easy to do on 2007 Servers

How it works and tips to prevent it[]

Player 1, the scammer, trades player 2, the victim. Player 1 will then distract player 2 long enough so he/she forgets they have placed items in the trade window. Player 1 will then ask player 2 to meet his other account/friend at a given location (does not have to be in the wilderness either). Player 2 will agree, and player 1 places a teleportation item in the trade menu. If player 2 forgets they have items in the menu, and accept the trade, their items will be stolen.

To prevent this scam...

  1. ALWAYS double check BOTH trade windows
  2. Put up your items, and if they don't put the cash, remove your items.
  3. Never agree to meet a player anywhere, as it could be an attempted lure, or scam.


Victim: Selling 5,000 Iron Bars 200ea!

Scammer trades

Scammer: How much for all?

Victim: 1m.

Scammer: Can I do 900k?

Victim: I guess that's fine.

(The scammer continues to distract the player, hoping that they will forget that they have the item in the menu)

Scammer: All my money is on my other account, do you think you can meet me at Catherby (or any other location)?

Victim: Sure.

Scammer: Okay, add him (gives username).

After this, the scammer will then place a teleport tablet, or another form of transportation, and will accept quickly. You will then be left with 1 teleport tab, and your items will be gone.