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The Movie Scam is similar to the YouTube Video Scam, except it does not involve luring. The scammer will ask someone with expensive stuff to help them with a movie for YouTube or something. Then they will say they need some items for the movie, usually expensive things. The victim will give the scammer the needed items. The scammer may or may not make the vid and then take the items.


Player 1: Hey dude, wanna help me make a youtube vid?
Player 2: Sure i luv bein on youtube
Player 1: K, im gonna need some st0ff for the vid
Player 2: Wat u need?
Player 1: I need full rune t and 50k
Player 2 gives Player 1 the items.
Player 1: Haha thx for full rune t and 50k nub we not makin vid
Player 1 logs out.

Player 2 reports Player 1 for item scamming.

How to avoid this scam[]

If someone asks you for items to make a video, suggest some substitutions for items that are more expensive. If they don't want to substitute, it is possible they were trying to scam you. If they really seem supsicious, it is best to go ahead and report them under Rule 2.