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The Newspaper Scam is a scam in which the buyer of a newspaper approaches the seller. The seller is going to sell it for a reasonably high amount for a newspaper e.g 500,000 coins (500k), when a newspaper is only worth 50 coins. The buyer will think that the newspaper is a rare item, when it can only be bought at the Varrock news-stand for 50 coins.


Seller: Selling high quality, bio degradable, enviroment friendly newspapers for 500,000 coins!

The Buyer approaches the Seller and trades.

The Seller presents the extravagant newspaper, and asks for 500,000 coins.

The Buyer offers 500,000 coins and accepts the trade, under the false impression that the newspaper is a rare item, when in all actuality, it's worthless.

Buyer: Oh my Guthix! I am now the owner of a rare item! I'm rich

Seller:Lol you stupid noob, I just ripped you off and scammed you for half a mil

The Buyer reports the seller for rule 2,