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The Noted item swapping scam is often seen, especially in worlds 1, 2 and 3. This scam is performed by the scammer offering a noted item and sometimes lots of other useless items. The buyer offers the money, and at the last second, the scammer switches the noted item for a similar looking item. Since the noted items would look so similar, the player often falls for it and the scammer gets the money.

This often occurs with logs, ores, noted armour and weapons.

This scam has become mostly obsolete, as the trade screen notifies you if someone changes an item, and the value of the changed item is also displayed on the trade screen. In addition, it can no longer be performed with weapons and armour, as different tiers of armour and weapons now have significantly different appearances, even when noted.

The punishment for those caught engaging in this scam is typically a short-term mute or ban, with repeat offenders receiving longer punishments. It can be reported using the "Scamming" option under Honour,


  • Person A: Selling 5000 Yew logs for 100gp ea!!
  • Person B thinks: *WOW, cheap!*
  • Person B trades Person A
  • Person A puts up 5,000 Yew logs, asking person B to hurry as they have to go.
  • Person B puts up the money; Person A declines, and says "Oops"
  • They trade again, Person B puts up the money, Person A puts up 5000 maple logs; Person B accepts without checking the trade screen - Person B has been scammed, Person A logs out.

Another Example[]

  • User 1: Selling rune 2h sword only 25k
  • User 2: Oooh! That's a good offer!
  • They trade each other.
  • User 1 offers noted Rune 2H sword and some useless items.
  • User 2 offers 25,000 coins.
  • At the last second, the User 1 takes the Rune 2H quickly and puts an Iron 2H.
  • User 2 doesn't read the 2nd trade page because it's a great offer. They both accept.
  • User 2 is left with a near useless weapon and the scammer gets 25,000 coins.

NOTE: This variant no longer works as a red exclamation mark now appears when an item is taken down, and iron and rune 2h swords now have significantly different apperances.

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