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The Obsidian Cape Scam is a scam in which a player is selling an Obsidian Cape and switches it with a black cape, which can lose the victim a large amount of cash or (a) valuable item(s). Note that this scam is hard to do now because of the trade screen update which shows a large red exclamation point when something is removed. In order to punish the scammer, you can report him/her via Rule 2 of the Report Abuse system.As of 01/02/08 this scam is now extinct, although due to the reintroduction of free trade this may no longer be true.


  • Player 1: Selling obby cape 260k
  • Player 2: Wow! I need one at the moment
  • Player 2 Trades Player 1 and offers 260,000 coins.
  • Player 1 Puts Obsidian Cape on screen.
  • Player 2 Accepts.
  • Player 1 Quickly switches the Obsidian Cape with the black cape and accepts-
  • Player 2 Quickly accepts without looking.
  • Players 1 and 2 have both accepted the trade.
  • Player 2: Hey u scammer!!
  • Player 1: Get a life n00b hahah!
  • Player 1 logs out
Player 2 loses 260,000 coins and reports Player 1.