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The off-hand slot scam is a scam that occurs at the Duel Arena and targets players with 2-handed weapons. In this scam, usually the player will be staking the scammer. The scammer will then turn the off-hand slot off. If the player is unaware that their 2-handed weapon will be removed due to this, they will proceed into the duel without a weapon. They will most likely lose unless they have a one-handed weapon with them, or they could be a pure and the scammer's combat level may not be much higher. There is also a variant in free-to-play involving ranged-only duels, where very few one-handed ranged weapons exist other than javelins.

This scam violates the Scamming and (to a lesser extent) Bug abuse clauses under the Honour category, and usually results in lengthy punishments being issued, depending on the degree of the scamming involved and the perpetrator's prior history.


Player 1 has a Royal crossbow and an Armadyl godsword. The Scammer has a Virtus wand and a chaotic rapier. Each player also has a party hat.

Scammer challenges Player 1 to a duel. On the rule interface, Scammer disables the off-hand slot and disables forfeiting.

The players stake their party hats.

In the battle, Player 1 learns that he cannot use his Royal crossbow. He is eventually killed by the Scammer, losing the party hat.