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An offence is the term given to an incident in which a player violates one of the Rules of RuneScape and Jagex was notified through an abuse report. When players commit an offence, they are notified through the message centre on the official RuneScape website of their punishment. Punishments given for offences include warnings, mutes, and bans. Offences are recording in an account's offence history.

Offence system[]

The new offence system as of 11 May 2009. One pillar represents ban offences, and the other represents mute offences. An account can be in the bottom, middle, or top zone on either pillar.

As of 11 May 2009, a new offence system was introduced to replace the black mark system. As a result, black marks are no longer handed out, but instead the offence is archived in an accounts offence history. Offences are divided into one of two categories: Mute and Ban. Each category has a corresponding pillar that fills up as offences are accumulated. If a pillar reaches the top, the player becomes permanently banned or muted, depending on which pillar was filled. Players may view their offence history at any time by clicking the 'Account management' link under the 'Account' button on the RuneScape home page, then clicking the 'Appeal Offence' button and logging into their account.

Expiration and quashing of offences[]

After a certain period of time, most offences against a player's account will expire after a year, unless the accompanying punishment(s) are permanent. In addition, if Jagex determines that they applied an offence inappropriately, they may manually quash the offence and all punishments associated with it.

Appealing an offence[]

From their offence history, players may choose to appeal an offence if they believe it was wrongly applied. Next to each offence is an appeal link, which players may click to go to a page where they are given a text box and 400 characters to explain their case. Evidence of an offence (if available) may also be viewed from the offence history page. If the appeal is successful, the offence and any accompanying punishment(s) will be removed; if not, the offence punishment(s) will stand, and the player will not be able to appeal the same offence again. Offences recorded before June 2006 will be termed as Legacy Punishments, will not have evidence, and will not be appealable, but as of 11 May 2009, most of them have been removed due to being of enough age to expire. In addition, expired and quashed offences cannot be appealed, as the associated punishments no longer apply to those offences.