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The PIN Scam is a rarely-used scam in which the scammer tricks other players into telling the scammer their PIN by telling them that their PIN will be blocked by the chat filter. Jagex prohibits this under the 'scamming' rule under Honour, and the punishment is generally a lengthy (usually permanent) ban. This is very similar to the Password scam. It also is very dangerous as once a scammer steals a victim's PIN, they will also have access to the victim's bank if they also know the victim's password.


The scammer must also know the victim's password for this scam to be effective. The best advice for players to avoid losing their account and items is to never under any circumstances give their password away. As long as players keep their password safe the scammer gains nothing. Nevertheless, giving away a bank PIN is not recommended, and players are advised to change their PIN immediately if they give it away by accident.


Scammer: Jagex blocks your pin! Look - ****!
Victim: Cool! 1234! 
Victim: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! How could you?! You scammer!!!!!!! 
Scammer: Haha noob thanks for telling me your pin. lol roflmao lolz 
The Victim reports the Scammer for 'Scamming' for stealing another players PIN.

The PIN is not blocked by the chat filter.