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The PKing Movie Scam is a form of Item Scamming. A player will offer to give a large amount of money or expensive items in exchange for being in a pking video. The scammer tells the victim to bring an abyssal whip to look like a pker. The scammer tells them that only they will get skulled, thereby making the victim feel safe. So the scammer gets skulled and attacks the victim. Then the scammer will offer the reward after the so-called video is finished. Then they will trade them 3 or 4 Torag's Hammers, Dragon med helms or some other nice item. Once the victim has the items the scammer/lurer will kill the victim and take their whip. Since the whip's high alch price is worth less than say torag's hammers the victim keeps the hammers but loses their whip.


Player 1: I'll pay you 600k to be in a PKing video!
Player 2: Ooooooo, I want 600k.
Player 1: Ok bring your whip and leave all your other items behind.
Player 2 Ok, that way I won't lose anything.
Player 1: Ok only I'm going to attack so you don't get skulled.
Player 2 Ok.
Player 1 trades Player 2 after video is done. Player 1 kills Player 2. Player 2 drops whip and keeps less valuable items.

How to avoid this[]

Report the player for item scamming. You should always avoid trading in the wilderness as it is very risky. Ask them to trade outside the wilderness. If they refuse they were likely trying to scam you. However, now because of the new changes, this scam is outdated. However, this scam can still be used in a PvP world.