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The POH table scam is when the scammer advertises that he had found a "new glitch", and "needs one more player to do it". The scammer will kick any person which enters the house that does not have a sufficient valuable item. When a victim which has an item the scammer thinks is valuable enough to risk getting banned for, the scammers friend will enter the house, posing as another player which is not involved with the so called glitch, and acts like he doesn't know the scammer. When all players are in the house, the scammer will beckon the victim and his/her freind to the dining room, and tell them to sit, creating casual conversation to ease the victum. Once the scammer considers the victim calm, s/he will then attempt to switch the conversation to the "glitch" s/he found. S/he will explain that s/he has found a way to create multiple items, and even possibley refer to other famous glitches, like the party hat duplication or even make one up to make it more convincing. The scammer will then remove one of the items from them, and claim that s/he is able to make two of it from the one they already have. After putting it on the table, they will say a series of words, generally somthing which implies a code of some kind and x2, and picks the item up, and trades the victum. In the trade window, the scammer will put up two of the item which they put on the table, although they really just had two of the items in their invotory. They may do this multiple times with different moderitally expensive items, and then prompt their friends, which remember is acting as an innocent bistandard, and after a small amount of bribary, the scammer "convinces" his/her friend. The friend will do it, and the same thing will occur, the item they put on the table will appear to replicate, though once again they will just have another of the items in their invotory. Then they will both incourage the victim to do it, and claim that only items over a certain amount of money work, and if the victum attempts to do it, the owner of the house will kick everyone, and collect the item the victim was "duplicating". After that, the freind and scammer will switch roles. This scam is was very rarely used, as the victim would have to be gullible, the scammer would have to have duplicates of some moderetally expensive items, and also because there are many places they could be reported; when they are advertising the glitch they could be reported for bug abuse, when the victim is at the party at almost anytime since they are performing "glitches" and of course after wards when the victim loses their items (the most likely place they'll be reported).

This part is a standard diolouge between the scammer (S), friend of the scammer (F) and victim (V). If you haven't read the top, the freind is in on it, but doesn't tell the victim.

(S), outside of POH portal: "Need one more person to do money-making glitch!"

Victum and friend enters house (V) "Hello"

(V), (F), "Hello"

(S), "Lets go into the dining room and talk" (All of them enter the dining room, and after a long conversation, the Scammer talks)

(S) "So, I figured out a glitch to duplicate items, all you do is put anything over 50k on the table, and say Duplicate X2! Then pick it up, and they'll be Two!"

(F) "Ya right!"

(S) "I'll show you" (Puts amulet of glory on the table, says Duplicate X2, picks it up, trades both the victim and friend, showing two amulets of glory)

(V) "Ya right, I bet you coulden't do it again" (Scammer does it multiple times with different things)

(S) (Adressing friend) "You try it"

(F) "No! What if this's a scam?"

(S) "No it's not, just try" (After small amount of "resistance" the freind does it, and "duplicates" the item"

(F) "Sweet, I just got two Archer Helms, thanks!"

(S) (Adressing victum) "Now you try it!"

(V) "I'll um do it with my leather boots..."

(S) "It only works with 50k+ items, remember?"

(Victim may or may not do it, but if they do, then when they put it on the table, the house owner kicks everyone out of the house and gets the item the victim put on the table"