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The Party Room Scam is uncommon, but is still possible to perform. It occurs when a scammer says that they will put something good in the party drop chest if another player else puts in something else of good value. Another player will put in the requested item, but the scammer will not put their promised item in, and since items cannot be removed from the chest, the victim will have lost that item. It is unclear as to whether or not this is a reportable offence.

Example 1[]

Player 1:putting in full rune if someone puts in 100k!
Player 2 puts in 100k.
Player 1:haha nub im not puttin full rune
Player 2 has been scammed out of 100k.

Example 2[]

This version is less likely to succeed:

Player 1:putting in full rune t if someone gvs me 1mil!
Player 2 offers 1mil. Both players accept.
Player 1:thx for 1mil nub im not puttin rune t
Player 2 has been scammed out of 1mil.

How to avoid this scam[]

Since this scam may not be reportable, be vary careful when putting something valuable into the chest as you will not be able to retrieve it (unless you get it back from a balloon). However, it is advised to report the player via Rule 2 to be on the safe side.