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Password Cracker[]

A Password Cracker is an illegal proxcxcx

How it works[]

The cracker has a list of possible password combinations. Usually over 500,000. The program uses a username that the person running the program has typed in. The program then tries all the passwords with the account until it finds a match. It then logs onto an account and saves the password into a text file with the account username.

More commonly as an alternative the user will use a list of user names, usually over 1000 and a smaller list of 3-7 common passwords. This is usually favoured over the previously mentioned method as there is a higher chance of cracking an account.


Jagex have made it so after a number of incorrect tries you can't type in a password until after about 5 minutes. The program gets around this by randomly changing the user's IP address. It would be wise for the player to therefore set their password as a rarely used word with a sequence of numbers, or random numbers and letters that the user remembers. You don't want to forget your own password!

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