Dark Runescape Wiki

The password changing scam is a rarely-used type of password scam in which the scammer tricks other players into changing their password, by telling them that they will get something like unlimited runes due to a glitch. This goes against the 'Scamming' rule under Honour, and the punishment for guilty parties is usually a permanent ban or mute from Jagex. Even if the scammer is successful, it is difficult for the scammer to tell which (if any) players were tricked. The scammer may add other players to track them until they log out, then attempt to log into their accounts, or simply try to change other players' passwords from his fake cheat code to a different password in order to gain complete control of their account once they log out.

Also, after a scammer convinced someone to change their password to something, the scammer would then say "hold control then type foxes" , this would close the window the player was playing the game in. This would then allow the scammer to login to the players account.


Scammer: Change your pass to 673272 to get unlimited blood runes!
Victims: Wow! I'm changing now!
Victims change their passwords to 673272 in an attempt to get unlimited blood runes.
Scammer waits for victims to log out and change their passwords, then logs out and logs in into victims' accounts. Scammer can also change victims' passwords to take complete control of the accounts.