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The Phishing scam is a scam in which the scammer pretends to be a regular player or Jagex staff member and ask a player to log in a false site which looks like a Jagex site in order to get a players password.


  1. Scammer: Hi, would you like to become a P-Mod?
  2. Player: How do I become P-Mod
  3. (As the chat filter prevents website URLs from being directly typed in chat, the scammer will attempt to bypass in a manner similar to the following:)
  4. Scammer: Visit this link:
  5. Scammer: Www.
  6. Scammer: example.
  7. Scammer: c 0m/jagex.htm
  8. Scammer:
  9. The player will become curious and attempt to visit the website, only for their login details to be stolen.

The site looks like the Jagex authentication screen. However, this is a fake site made to steal accounts.

This kind of scam is called phishing and is well known by a majority of bank account thieves. Phishing is illegal and can get the phisher imprisoned for many years. In most jurisdictions, however, the laws currently only apply to bank account theft, and not to online gaming and other, non-profit types of phishing. Nevertheless, if a player does encounter a false email from RuneScape, they should report it to Jagex as quickly as possible.

Players should only use their Username and Password on the real RuneScape site or FunOrb. In addition, if possible, the player should take all possible precautions to secure their account, including the RuneScape Authenticator, and linking their Jagex account to a secure email with two-factor authentication.



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