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The Pking Scam is a scam that only works in the Wilderness. It is seen everyday and it fools many players. Below is an example of the pking scam. What the scammer does is they take off all their items and walk into the Wilderness. They will then go up to someone (unskulled) and will ask, "Will someone kill me please, I need to get back to lumbridge.", and when that person attacks them and gets skulled, the scammer quickly pulls out their armour and weapons and kills the person.

Although not as popular as it once was, it is still something to be wary of especially since the re-release of the Wilderness.


  • Player 1: Hey can you please kill me i need to go back to lumby
  • Player 2: Yea sure
  • Player 1: Ty mate

Player 2 attacks Player 1 and gets a skull. Player 1 equips their armour and weapons, then attacks Player 2 and kills them, taking all of their items.