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The Player Owned House Entrance Fee Scam is a scam where a scammer charges another player money to go into their house, while most likely claiming that they hav a high level of Construction. The house is either overpriced, or not as good as it was claimed to be. They may also simply lock the portal to their house, so the player can't get in even after paying.

The best thing to do is simply ignore people who charge to go into their house, or check their Construction level on the Hiscores.


A scammer invites another user to his house, but says, "You must pay <number> coins to enter my house. I have level 99 construction." When the other user goes inside, he finds out that it is a house of what a user with 10 Construction would have.

Another Example[]

Player 1: I have 99 construction
Player 2: Awesome can I come to your house
Player 1: Okay but you must pay me <number> coins to enter
Player 2 trades with Player 1.
Player 1: Lol you nub u got scammd haha
Player 1 logs out.
Player 2 has been scammed out of his cash.

Player 2 can now report Player 1 for item scamming.