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An example of a person saying they are "Quitting Runescape".

This is a spin-off of a related scam. To see the origins of this scam, see Doubling Money Scam.

The Quitting Runescape scam is a scam where the scammer says hes leaving Runescape and is doubling money. This causes victims to think this is more legit than just yelling "Doubling Money!!!!1!!11!1!1!1" over and over constantly.

The Scam[]

The scammer will yell things such as "Quitting Runescape! Doubling money!". A victim will think since he's leaving, he would give him money (since the scammer doesn't need it if he quits(or gets banned)). Some people like to "test" normal "Doublers", but most dont think of "Testing" a person leaving. The victim trades a high amount of money (or item worth alot ex. a partyhat). They both accept. The scammer then quickly leaves and the victim has been scammed.


Scammer: "Leaving Runescape Forever! Doubling Money!"

Victim trades 5k.

Scammer trades back 10k.

Victim is convinced and trades a larger amount of money.

Scammer logs out.

The Victim may now report the scammer for Scamming under Honour.