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Rule 1 no longer exists due to an update.
This page is being preserved as a historical article.

Rule 1 prohibited offensive, racist, anti-religious and obscene language said in-game to other players. It was one of the original Rules of Conduct, but as of 11 May 2009, this rule now falls under the Respect category. The action taken by Jagex against players who broke this rule varied according to the severity of the offence. Minor infractions, such as spamming, were generally punished by a 24-72 hour mute or ban, while more serious offences such as racist or derogatory slurs were punishable up to a permanent mute or ban. Also prohibited under Rule 1 was spamming, or the act of flooding the screen with unnecessary text. Incidentally, if offensive language was blocked by the filter, players could not be reported. Swearing was subsequently allowed, only if the filter blocked it (This is no longer true if the swearing is directed at another player due to an update to the filter). This rule was often overlooked by many players and taken lightly by some that did not know that spamming was a reportable offence, and others who simply did not mind. Very few players reported breakers of this rule, as it was seen as a minor offence.

NOTE: All examples of rulebreaking stated on this page are still reportable under their respective subsection of Respect.


Example of Swearing[]

Person 1: Fook you
Person 2: Go fauk yourself.
Person 1 could report Person 2 for offensive language, specifically evading the filter.

Example of Spamming[]

Person 1: ghtrsghgdhsg
Person 1: sdfgfgsdfgs
Person 1: Sfdafdfdadadfad
Person 2: Stop spamming!
Person 1: Dfdafdfddggfgf***g
Person 2: fdgdhsskfhkgfhskh
Person 3: Please stop spamming!
Person 1: Dfdfadsfdfdafdgfkyufydhg
Both Person 2 and 3 could report Person 1 for offensive language, specifically spamming.

Other Reportable Actions[]

Cursing and spamming were not the only things that a player could report someone for under rule 1. Other reportable actions/phrases included solicitation, racism, and deagratory phrases.

Solicitation (Asking for a Boyfriend/Girlfriend)[]

Jagex disallowed people asking for a boyfriend (bf) or girlfriend (gf). Furthermore, they disallowed players to advertise themselves as boyfriends or girlfriends. Jagex considered this solicitation (a form of spam), and as such made it reportable. There were some exceptions, mainly relating to roleplaying, but solicitation with sexual intent was expressly prohibited under Rule 1.