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Rule 13 no longer exists due to an update.
This page is being preserved as a historical article.

Rule 13 prevented players from asking for or giving away personal information, such as age, gender, etc. It was one of the original Rules of Conduct, but as of 11 May 2009, this rule now falls under the Security category. and JaGeX will take action against players caught breaking this rule, up to a permanent ban or mute. Personal details, according to JaGeX, are considered to include full name, age, email addresses, instant messenger screen names/contact details, telephone numbers or your home/school address. It also prohibits announcing anyone's personal contact details in-game or on the offical RuneScape forums.

The chat will censor anything that seems to be an email address, for example if a player tries to say "example@yahoo.com" it will show up as "example@*****.***"

NOTE: Asking for or providing personal details is still reportable under the 'Asking for or providing contact information' subsection of Security, and the punishments for guilty parties remain the same. However, some actions are commonly disputed as to whether they are reportable or not. Below are a few examples of what does and does not qualify as asking for or providing personal details.


Example 1[]

The following example is against the rules:

Person 1: Hey. I wanna meet you in real life since you're so cool. Tell me your home address and I can meet you.
Person 2 reports for asking for personal details.

Example 2[]

Person 1: What country do you live in?
Person 2: Albania.
Person 1: Cool, I live in the United States.

This is a not reportable, as the players are not giving any specification as to where in that country they live. JaGeX finds these kind of questions helpful in finding and making new friends. However, if the players continue to delve into the exact location of their residency or full name, this will become a violation of the rule.