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Rule 15 no longer exists due to an update.
This page is being preserved as a historical article.

Rule 15 prohibited the use of ad-blocking software to block the advertisements that appear above the game window in free-to-play RuneScape. It was one of the original Rules of Conduct, but as of 11 May 2009, this rule now falls under the Honour category. Punishments issued to players caught breaking this rule, ranged from a temporary ban for first time offenders to a permanent ban for repeat offenders. While it was unknown how JAGeX discovers players blocking the advertisements, it was definitely possible to be banned for breaking it. This often caused problems with players using public computers, where ad-blockers were automatically turned on and could not be turned off. Some of the more complicated animated ads would even slow down older computers and cause difficulty running RuneScape. As a response to this, Jagex introduced an advert complaint system where players could report animated advertisements that were slowing down their computers.

NOTE: Although it is no longer possible issue a report for advert blocking, it is still against the rules, and the punishments for guilty parties remain the same. Be sure to turn off your ad blockers when playing the free version of RuneScape.