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Rule 2 no longer exists due to an update.
This page is being preserved as a historical article.

Rule 2 prohibited item scamming. It was one of the original Rules of Conduct, but as of 11 May 2009, this rule now falls under the Honour category. Some of the more common scams included the Guthan's Spear Scam, Trimming Armour Scam, Broken Axe Scam, Gem Cutting Scam, and countless other scams. Even with this rule in effect, there were many players who still attempted to scam others. Players caught scamming by Jagex generally received punishment up to a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the scam they performed/attempted.

NOTE: All item scams are still reportable under the 'Scamming' subsection of Honour, and the punishments for item scamming remain the same.