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Rule 5 no longer exists due to an update.
This page is being preserved as a historical article.

Rule 5 prohibited impersonating Jagex staff to obtain other people's account details. It was one of the original Rules of Conduct, but as of 11 May 2009, this rule now falls under the Honour category. Infractions of this rule included the Jagex Staff Impersonation Scam. Players caught breaking Rule 5 were issued punishments ranging from a temporary ban or mute (for minor violations) to a long term or permanent ban or mute (for more serious violations).

NOTE: All examples of impersonation stated on this page are still reportable under the 'Staff impersonation' subsection of Honour. Moreover, players should note that Jagex moderators always have a gold crown next to their username when they talk, whether it's on public or private chat. Anyone who claims they are a Jagex moderator without this crown should still be reported under 'Staff impersonation'.


Person 1: I'm a Jagex mod, give me your account details.
Person 2 could report Person 1 for impersonation.