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Rule 8 no longer exists due to an update.
This page is being preserved as a historical article.

Rule 8 prohibited multiple account logging-in and interaction between RuneScape accounts, including Drop Trading. It was one of the original Rules of Conduct, but as of 11 May 2009, this rule now falls under the Honour category. This rule included Drop Trading. In short, players who owned multiple accounts could not transfer items between their accounts in any way, including logging into two accounts at the same time (on one computer or two computers) and trading between them. This was a very difficult rule to be able to report, as there was no true way to know whether or not the player was using multiple accounts. If a player violated Rule 8, the accounts that interacted with each other generally received temporary (usually 14-90 days) or permanent bans.

However, if the two players were siblings and playing together as two separate people this rule did not apply.

NOTE: Although it is no longer possible to issue a report for multiple logging-in, it is still against the rules, and the punishments for guilty parties remain the same.


Person 1 drops 10 mil, logs out, and logs back in on another account. Person 1s other account picks up the 10 mil, standing on the same spot where the money would appear.
Person 2 could report Person 1 for drop trading if Person 1 is caught.