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This article is about the current rules of RuneScape. For the original rules prior to 11 May 2009, see Rules of Conduct (historical).

The Rules of RuneScape, also known as the Rules of Conduct, are the rules established by Jagex by which a player must abide while playing RuneScape, using the official RuneScape forums, and visiting the RuneScape website. As of 11 May 2009, the rules of conduct fall into one of three categories: Honour, Respect and Security. If you feel that someone is violating one of the rules of RuneScape, you can report the player using the Report button below the chatbox.

Note: These rules were copied from the RuneScape website, but we cannot guarantee that they are accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, the rules given here cannot be taken as definitive, only those listed on the RuneScape website can. It is individual players' responsibility to ensure that they abide by Jagex's current rules and policies at all times in the game, on the RuneScape Forums, and everywhere else. Jagex rules are also enforced on this wiki, and any user who posts information or advice on how to break rules may be blocked from editing.


Main article: Honour

We expect our players not to cheat (as there are no cheats) or indulge in dishonest behaviour. With this in mind, the following behaviour is deemed unacceptable:

  • Macroing, and use of bots or third-party software
  • Real-world trading, or buying power-levelling
  • Buying, selling or sharing an account
  • Multiple logging-in
  • Knowingly exploiting a bug
  • Jagex staff impersonation
  • Password, account, bank PIN or item scamming
  • Advert blocking – (the adverts pay for the games you play)
  • Encouraging others to break the rules


Main article: Respect

Every RuneScape player is entitled to the respect of the other members of the player community. With this in mind, the following behaviour is deemed unacceptable:

  • Discrimination of any kind, whether based on another player's race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs
  • Solicitation
  • Threatening another player, or bullying of any kind
  • Using obscene or inappropriate language
  • Innappropriate or discriminating username
  • Spamming, or disruptive behaviour
  • Misuse of the forums


Main article: Security

It is of the utmost importance that the personal security of our players is not jeopardised while playing RuneScape. With this in mind, the following behaviour is deemed unacceptable:

  • Asking for or providing personal information such as full names, ages, postal or email addresses, telephone numbers or bank details
  • Discussing or advocating illegal activity of any kind, such as the use of illegal drugs
  • Advertising other websites