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The RuneScape 3 scam is an obsolete scam that typically involved a false invitation to the RuneScape 3 HTML5 beta being sent via e-mail to accounts. In the earlier days of RuneScape 2, it would involve an autotalker constantly repeating a fake new website that has supposedly a RuneScape 3 Beta version.

The victim would then go to the page (which was actually a phishing site) and enter their username and password for the actual RuneScape game. In doing so, the account credentials would be straight to the scammer's email, allowing the scammer to hijack the account and change the password and recovery details (if any).

The scam could be reported using the Advertising option if caught in-game. It is no longer relevant, however, as the real RuneScape 3 was launched on 22 July 2013.


Scammer Bot: Go to [fake-rs3-beta.c 0m] to test runescape 3 beta!
Victim: Ooooooo cool!
Victim goes to the website and enters his username and password.
His account information is sent to the scammer's e-mail account.
Scammer changes the password and recoveries and the Victim's account is hijacked.