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The RuneScape Rant Video Scam is a relatively new form of a popular password scam. In this scam, the scammer finds a player, and asks them if they'd like to be in a YouTube video about things they hate about RuneScape. The victim accepts the offer, and they go to a private place. The scammer brings up the topic of how passwords can't be said backwards (when in actuality, they can). The scammer then tricks the victim into giving out his or her password, and steals their account.

This scam is rarely used now, and is a lot harder to pull off because of the e-mail logins. If you still have an original username, you could potentially be at risk. Make sure to never give your e-mail address to anybody.


Scammer: Hey, do you want to be in my new YouTube video? It's about what people hate about RuneScape

  • Victim: Sure

  • Scammer: Okay, follow me

The scammer takes the victim to a private area and pretends to start recording.

  • Scammer: Hey, YouTube! I'm [name] here with [name] and we're going to talk about things that we don't like about RuneScape.

The scammer brings up about one or two things he or she doesn't like, and then brings up the password topic.

  • Scammer: Did you know that you can't say your password backwards? How protective can Jagex be? Watch: ***** (The scammer will put asterisks instead of their password, so it looks genuine to the victim.) You try it!

Victim: Okay.

The victim reveals their password and the scammer ends up stealing the account.