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The Rune ore scam is rarely seen as a minority of people have the ability to mine Runite ore. This scam goes against the 'Scamming' rule under Honour. An example of the scam is seen below.


  • Scammer: Selling Rune ore 8.25ka
  • Victim comes up and trades the scammer, thinking it is a good deal.
  • The scammer puts in Rune ore, takes it out and puts in Adamant ore or Coal.
  • Victim puts in 8250 coins and clicks Accept twice.
  • The Victim is scammed and reports the scammer for scamming.

Alternate way[]

Because of the new trade screen, there is a new method to watch out for.

Scammer: Selling Rune Ore 9Kea - Last Offer
Victim comes up and trades the scammer, thinking it is a great deal.
The Scammer puts in Rune ore and the victim puts in 9000 coins.
The Scammer purposely clicks Decline and says Whoops... or something like that to make it look like an accident.
The scammer now puts in Adamant ore or coal, hoping that the victim doesn't notice the change. The victim re-inserts 9000 coins.
Both click accept - the victim is scammed.
The victim reports the scammer for scamming.


As always, when trading items, players should take their time and ensure that they are getting what they want in both trade windows. This can be accomplished by right clicking the items and checking their price on the first window, and looking at the names on the second window. There is no rush. If the seller declines, then puts up something different, it is likely that they are trying to scam you. An update has made the text for a declined trade appear in red to reduce the chances of this happening.

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