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The Rune to Mithril Scam is a scam in which the scammer pretends to sell Rune items which are actually Mithril. It is a form of item scamming, and directly violates the respective "Scamming" rule under Honour. The punishment for those who are caught using this scam is typically a short-term mute or ban, with repeat offenders receiving longer punishments. The scammer will bring several pieces of Mithril armour or and the same armour or weapon types in Rune while advertising to sell the Rune items. Eventually, a player will trade with the scammer. The scammer trades this person and puts up the rune item, and the buyer puts up the money, the scammer declines and says "oops". They trade again, only this time the scammer puts up a the Mithril item if it is noted version of the same item (e.g. a Mithril full helm, instead of a Rune full helm). The buyer accepts without checking the trade screen. The buyer has just been scammed. This has now been changed as the trade system stops Unbalanced trades. Although this still may work If you have High Questpoints

ALWAYS check the second trade screen to make sure that you are buying the item you want.

This scam may also be used for:

  • White to Steel
  • Black to Iron
  • Dragon to Bronze (rarely used)
  • Mithril to Iron

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