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A scam is an unfair (usually deceptive) method to trick another player out of items and/or cash. Scams often target valuable items or large amounts of coins. Scamming is discouraged, as players who are found guilty by Jagex may receive a temporary or permanent ban or mute for violating the 'Scamming' rule under the Honour category.

Luring is also a form of scamming reportable under the same category and can also lead to punishment.

Each time in a trade an item is removed or its quantity changed, a red exclamation mark and line appears at the spot of the edited item.

Trade limits[]

On 2 January 2008, Jagex added an update that would prevent players from making too much profit from a trade, especially during a scam; the amount of profit allowed varies according to the amount of quest points players had. This effectively prevented people from being scammed. The table for the amount of monetary disparity allowed is shown below.

Quest points Margin
0 to 10 5,000
34 10,000
75 18,750
150 34,615
225 50,480
270 60,000

Removal of trade limits[]

On February 1st 2011, the trade limit was removed, and scamming was revived. As a result, players are advised to take caution when trading with other players.

For more information on this update, see the development diary article on www.runescape.com.