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Security is one of the three categories of the Rules of Conduct, along with Honour and Respect. According to the Jagex website, rules under Security state that players should have their personal security kept. This category encompasses three rules.

Personal details[]

This rule prohibits asking for or providing contact information such as full names, ages, postal or email addresses, telephone numbers or bank details. These details may not only be used by hackers to make a false account recovery request, but they can also use these details to to track targets down or cause trouble.

The punishment for giving away or asking for personal details is generally a ban or mute ranging from 24 hours to permanent, depending on the degree of details given.

Illegal activity[]

This rule prohibits discussing or advocating illegal activity of any kind, such as the use of illegal drugs.

The punishment for breaking this rule is generally a ban or mute ranging from 14 days to permanent.

Advertising other websites[]

This rule prohibits players from advertising another website in-game or on the forums. There are certain sites, however, that Jagex does permit players to mention, such as the sites for other Jagex games. Nevertheless, there are certain restrictions on mentioning these sites that Jagex imposes for the safety of other players.

The punishment for breaking this rule generally ranges from a warning or 24 hour mute or ban to a permanent mute or ban, depending on the site mentioned and outstanding offences on the player's account.