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The Shaman's Staff Scam is a scam that involves a fictional item, often called either the Ogre Shaman's Staff, or simply the Shaman's Staff. Currently the scam is not as common, or popular, as it used to be.

The Scam[]

A Scammer in the Ogre Shaman dungeon will say that the Ogre Shaman within drops an item that is worth a lot of money, estimates ranging from one to three million coins. This is false however, as the Staff doesn't exist and it is impossible to kill the Ogre Shaman without a special quest potion. Some scammers will go futher and equip the Dramen, or other weird-looking Staffs to fool new players into thinking it's a rare item.


When the Watch Tower quest was first released many fell for the scam. Despite the large number of vicitms Jagex did not address the new scam. Eventually however the Mods gathered and began to warn others of the scam, reducing it's popularity and effectiveness.