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Rs spamming

A basic form of Spamming

Spamming (or flooding) is when a player repeatedly says random gibberish for no apparent purpose. Some players may spam to hinder communication in the public chat window, but many people just spam for the fun of it and it can become very irritating for other players especially power miners, woodcutters and fishers. Spammers may also use spamming to attack a certain player, or during a riot. Spamming is common in the Wilderness, at banks or most oftenly Lumbridge. In addition, there is almost always spam in the Castle Wars waiting room.


  • Esse site e uma merda
  • ok site ruim da poha
  • paunocu
  • viado
  • gay
  • otario
  • vuiadinho de merda


Any player who is subject to spamming may report the offending player under Respect, using the Disruptive behaviour option. The punishment issued by Jagex to players for spamming is typically a 48-hour mute for first time offenders, although serious or repeat offenders may receive longer mutes or even bans. This often goes unreported because many players are not aware of the fact it's reportable.

Clan Chats[]

Spamming in Clan Chats proves very annoying, and many clan chat owners, and those with the power to kick you from the chat will warn you if you're spamming. Failure to follow the warning will result in a kick, and in some cases, bans from the chat completely.