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A Stalker is a person who follows and annoys you around all of RuneScape, sometimes wearing good or bad stuff. The best way to deal with them is to ask them to leave, place them on the ignore list, or log out. If they are low level, you can lead them to an area with aggressive monsters, such as the jail guards around Draynor Jail or the dark wizards by the stone circle in Varrock. As long as you are telling them to go away, it isn't reportable under luring. Or just teleport to another place, this will prevent them from following any further.Sometimes they just ask for free stuff please the best way to deal with them then is too give them somthing small like a bronze sword.


Here is an example of what a stalker would do.

Stalker: Noob!
Player: Go away please.
Stalker: Lol nub u shut up
Player: Please go away I don't have time for this.
Stalker: U r a nub lol i dont want 2 go away

The player attempts to ignore the pointless insults that the stalker throws at them and is followed everywhere.

Player: Please stop or I will add you to my ignore list
Stalker: F**k u nub mother F****r i dont want 2 go away so nub

In this case, the player can report the stalker for violating Rule 1, offensive language (for bypassing the filter), and can then add them to their ignore list. OR, report the user, put the friends list to friends only and logout, then change to another world OR lead the stalker through the wilderness after banking, targeting the level 35 chaos temple or wilderness volcano.



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