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SwiftSwitch is a third-party software program which can be used to play RuneScape which includes a variety of controversial features. Jagex has stated that it is not against the rules to play runescape with switch, as it does not give players an in-game advantage over other players, but does have a number of useful tools which can be quickly accessed. However, they do advise players not to use it, due to viral concerns.


SwiftSwitch has a variety of built-in features for reference and convenience. Here is a short list of some of SwiftSwitch's utilities:

  • A database of maps of the RuneScape world.
  • A variety of RuneScape guides.
  • Built-in screenshot taking software.
  • Allows players to choose between playing RuneScape 2 or RuneScape Classic.
  • Allows players to create profiles for different RuneScape usernames.
  • Goals


The RuneScape fansite Zybez hosts SwiftSwitch and also another online RuneScape toolkit called Tiko.



SwiftSwitch's Profile Selection

SS RS select

SwiftSwitch also allows players to play either RuneScape 2 or RuneScape Classic.