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Table Scam[]

The table scam is similar to the POH table scam. It is often used on lower level players in order to get money off of them. The scam is normally performed in Lumbridge in the house east of Lumbridge Castle. It involves one player taking taking another player to an area with a table that items can be put on, the scammer will then say he has found a glitch and if you put 10k-100k on the table then examine the table the money will become 1 mil. This scam can also be used with items such as armour for players who cannot do alchemy yet.


example 1

  • Player 1: Follow me for free 1 mil!
  • Player 2: ooooh, I want 1 mil (follows player 1 to a table in a nearby building)
  • Player 1: Okay. Now put all your money on the table and examine the table.
  • Player 2 puts 10k on the table
  • Player 1 takes the money
  • Player 1: Thanks for the money noob
  • Player 2 reports Player 1 for 'Scamming'.