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A Team scam is a common scam generally takes place between two scammers, a seller and a buyer, trying to trick the player into buying an item for much more than normal worth. Usually, a team scam would take place as follows:

  • Buyer (over private chat): Hello. Do you have a muddy key I could buy for 70k?
  • Victim (over private chat): No, sorry.
  • (A few minutes pass.)
  • Seller offers to trade a muddy key.
  • Victim: How much?
  • Seller: 50k.
  • Person 2 trades 50k for the muddy key, with the intent of making a quick 20k by selling the key to person 1.
  • Both Person 1 and Person 3 log off with their new-found wealth.


If this situation is encountered ingame, players are advised to check prices of all items offered, via the Grand Exchange and other legitimate sources. If the price seems suspicious, players should not hesitate to point it out.

The scammers typically pick an item of some rarity, so the player will generally be unsure of the actual price. If a potential victim does, in fact, have the item that the buyer is looking for, then the buyer will most likely log out. Scammers may also lower the price from the buyer to the seller in order to make the price seem like more of a bargain. If a deal seems too good to be true, it almost always is.

Another Example[]

  • Person 1: Trading dharoks great axe for whip.
  • Person 2: Thats the worst deal ever!
  • Person 3: Buying dharoks great axe 5m!
  • Person 2 trades whip for great axe
  • Person 1 and 3 log out
  • Person 1 and 3 make about a 400k-500k profit