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The Trust Scam or Trust Game is where someone trades someone else an item in a show of trust, then keeps it and runs away. Often the scammer will say that if the other user gives him an expensive item, the scammer will give it back, and accept the other into a clan that gives out free stuff or something nice.


Person 1: Hey. I'll let you into my clan if you give me something. I'll give it right back.
Person 2:OK!

Person 2 trades an abyssal whip to Person 1.

Person 1 logs out.

Person 2 is scammed.

Example 2[]

Person 1: Follow to win full zammy!

Player 1 then shows full zamorak armour to person 2.

Player 1: Give me items and I'll give them back. The highest bidder wins!
Person 2: No way this is a scam.
Person 3 (wearing full zamorak): Hey thank you person 1 for this beautiful armor!
Person 2 (gives Person 1 some items and accepts: he thinks he'll get full zamorak as well): Can I get full zammy now?

Person 1 (logs out with all his items).

Note: Person 1 and Person 3 were scamming together.