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How It Works[]

The scammer will yell something like "Follow to win 1mill!". People will follow him to a place where nobody's at so people don't report him. The trust game is a game where they give the scammer their item and, if it's good, get their item and one million coins. As soon as the scammer collects all the items from the players, he'll log out. This scam can be done in the Wilderness or anywhere else. Level 3 players are usually seen doing this scam in crowded places like the Western bank in Varrock.


Player 1: Folo to win 1mil!
Player 2: Wow! So cool!!
Player 3: Yea!!!

Players 2 and 3 follow.

Player 1: Whoever lets me hold the best item wins 1mil

Player 2 trades a rune platebody.
Player 1 logs out.
Both Players 2 & 3 report Player 1 for item scamming.

Avoiding this Scam[]

If anybody tells you to follow them to "win" a lot of money, don't go with them.

Be careful, because sometimes the scammer has friends that appear to be a random player at the "Game" where the scammer trades their friend valuable items to appear that the game is legit.

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