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A trust trade is any kind of trade where a player offers a service in exchange for another player's trust. This can cover a vast amount of possibilities. Popular examples of of trust trades include Gambling, selling floors in Dungeoneering, money doubling, and much more. Before the days of the Assist system, trust trades also included players giving another player raw materials so that the other player can turn it into something (such as cutting gems, smithing armour, etc). Trust trades are not against the rules until a scam has actually occurred, at which point the victim may report the player for 'Scamming' under Honour. Nevertheless, it is highly advisable to avoid all types of trust trades due to the high risk of scamming.

Below is a true example of a Trust Trade.


  • Player 1: Abc if you want FREE legendary pets if you buy 100 of my glasses of lemonade!!*
  • Player 2: Abc!
  • Player 2 *buys 100 lemonades*
  • Player 1: Okay time for your pets!
  • Player 2: Yay!
  • Player 1: *gives buffalo*
  • Player 2 : :O HEY!!!!
  • Player 1: *leaves game*

Please don't scam its bad and horrible. SO if you are a scammer reading this please don't scam ever :(


  • Player 1: Hey dude, s'up, I’ll trade you free pets for good pets
  • Player 2: Sure.
  • Player 1 *offers a trade*
  • Player 1:thank you now I’ll trad- bye!
  • Player 1 *leaves game*
  • Player 2:my items I got scammed

Both of these have been displaced by the new Assist system, a recent update for the game.