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This scam is one of the most unfair, untrue, and unjust scams of all time. Hundreds of innocent people are scammed each year out of sets of expensive armour. It is similar to the Trimming Armour Scam.

The Scam[]

A scammer will most likely make a spare account for this scam, train it to level 40 or above, trade trimmed armour to his scamming account for the scammer to wear. He will go to a free world bank and repeatedly say "Upgrading armour" until an unsuspecting user comes up. They will think that they will give the user something like full mithril, and a minute later back as full rune. But once the scammer gets the armour, the scammer either logs out, or runs away.

How to Deal With the Scammers[]

If you ever come across a scammer like this, the right thing to do would be to report the user for item scamming. Often the user will be mad/frustrated and say "Reported for false reporting" or, "Reported for ruining my merchanting". Don't worry, you can't report others for those supposed rule-breaking.