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The Varrock Cage Scam, which is more formally a lure, can be distressful to players because it usually involves getting backstabbed by a friend. The lure takes place in the cages west of the Eastern Varrock Bank. It involves dropping items.

How it begins

Usually, the lure will start with a player messaging a friend, telling him that there is a failed lurer at the bank in Varrock. The victim, who has no reason to suspect his friend of anything, will head to the bank to see if he can antilure, as encouraged by his friend. When he arrives he will see another player in the bank, who will approach him and ask if he would like to participate in a drop party.

How it Works

The friend and the "lurer" are working together.The victims' "friend" will then tell them to go along with what the supposed lurer is saying. The lurer, who is throwing a drop party, will ask that the victim wears something expensive.The victim, playing along, agrees, while his friend player messages him how to make off with the lurers money. The lurer will take the victim to the cages, and ask that they pickpocket the guard and end up in the cage.(Attempting to pickpocket guard will result in getting teleported into the cages) Note that there are 3 cages, and if a player ends up in one, the next player who pickpockets the guard will end up in the second, and the third player, the third. The lurer will say to drop the items, then come out and trade for some free money and a "pod". Your friend will advise you not to click the pod because it will teleport you away. The victim, thinking he will take the money and run, drops the items, teleports out, and trades the lurer. It is at this point which the friend runs out of nowhere and pickpockets the guard. He ends up in the cage with the victims stuff, and the victim cannot get back in.

Why it Works

This scam works because a player will often trust that his friend is helping him out, and does not suspect that he is working with the lurer. For this reason, the scams' success rates are higher than they really should be.