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This page contains some of the stories of people who were victims of unfair playing. If a player wishes to tell their story they may do so, but they may not want to put their username to avoid mockery.

S A M F O2's story (AKA Evillord476's story)

i was at the Grand Exchange watching some noob that was saying "visit www.runescapeclassicdemo.com and win 10m!" i thought this was a scam so i used my S A M F O2 account (which was level 3, i never used it, which was a good thing) went to that site on another window, logged in, it gave me the "error connecting to server" as soon as i logged in and bam! i saw a hacker, luckily i didnt use my main account...

sites like that are FALSE! them hacker noobs...

Runeon12's story

Well, I was one of the killed players at the legendary Falador Massacre. While I was not killed by Durial321 himself, I still did meet him before I died. So yeah, I lost a partyhat and three dragon items. :(

Greenhawk86's story

The old trust game.

I fell for this back before the trade change, during the old wildy. Someone who's name I've forgotten over the yearsgot me to trade him items up to steel plate body, when he logged off. I reported him, but it didn't work. Days later, in the same place, he was scamming someone else. I reported him, and haven't seen him ever again. I lost 23k, when I thought 10k was rich. I have lost 6 full rune sets w/ rune weapons since then, now have members, and have over 100k in items and gp.

Orechalcos' story

I am a noob for falling for this.

I was in a PvP World, level 92, 1-iteming with an abby whip and item protect prayer. I had walked back into the lumbridge courtyard and someone walked up to me and asked for help. She said that there was a guy near the Fishing Guild who was AFK and she wanted me to kill him, then share the drops with her. She said she couldn't attack him because he was too low a level. So she teleported us to the Fishing Guild with Lunar Magic. The first time she tried I didn't accept, because I suspected a scam. I thought she might attack me when we arrived. Though the second time I accepted.

We headed to the cow field north of Ardougne where we found the guy. He was wearing Ahrim's robes and an Ancient Staff. I attacked him, and he fought back with Ice Barrage, rendering me immobile. At first I thought he was on Auto-retaliate. Then he put Smite on and moved back, so I couldn't hit him. This made me realize I had been scammed. Eventually I died, but thankfully Smite did not cause me to run out of prayer. I kept my whip due to my protect item prayer and went on happily in my boring RuneScape life.

Don't fall for this. It's eeeeevil.

Adams4354's story

This is back in the old Runescape and the old wild.

I was doing my usaul bussiness walking around the outskrits of Varrock, going to Varrock Square a group of players standing outside the wild (This was when there was no wildy ditch) then i saw a a pile of coins on the floor just inside the wild, i new it was a scam but i thought i just could quickly run in and grab the pile of coins. So i ran in and grabbed the coins, it was 10k. I was such a noob, a player came from the black and he attacked with ice burst. I happend to have Falador tele runes on me so i escaped, but the guy teled to Falador, since i was still skulled he could still attack me, he attacked with ice burst, then his "team" (the players i saw with him, just outside the widly ditch eairler) attacked they where all carrying Dragon daggers (super poisoned) And they where specing the f*** out of me, they did not hit much at first, 5, 0, 5, then they started to hit higher dds specs, 15, 15, 23, and i was lagging! then he hit his final ice burst he hit a 23. I was dead, i lost a Santa Hat (16mil back then) Full Ahrims (2mil) Anceint staff (160k)

NEVER fall for luring No matter how much cash seems to be there! I lost 18mil!

Runnyscape20's Story

I still can't believe i fell for this...

I was standing around in the Grand Exchange, clearing out my bank and hoping to make a bit of money. Looking in my chat box, I see somebody announcing the website for the RuneScape 3 beta. I should have known this was fake. "www.runescape3.com". It was just too OBVIOUS. I opened a new window and typed it in. Typing my username and password to the new site, this was when i discovered what happened. It kept saying "error connecting to server" every time. I left immediately and was thrilled to discover I was still logged in. Hurridly changing my password, I am more aware of scams.

Remember - obvious websites are FAUX!

Razorslice's Story

I (Razorslice) was scammed in the explosive cave. Just that the scammer offered 200k to help him with a quest. I didn't know better and I lost my Rune boots, Tan cavalier, full rune, and 180k cash. When the candle blows up it deals about 16 damage, then insects start biting you, they deal like 3 damage a second. BE VERY CAREFUL! And if somebody tries to lure you like this, either bring a tinderbox or don't go at all.

Emosworld's Story

I (Emosworld) was scammed when selling a Rune kiteshield. I traded a level 3 nub scammer who would buy my Rune kiteshield for 70K. He put in 70k and a lot of nooby rubbish such as Shortbows, copper ore and others. He then switched it to 7,000 gp. I didn't check the second trade screen because my dad wanted me to get of as soon as possible. Well, guess what? I was really impatient so I pressed Accept twice without even looking at the trade screens. BE WARNED! If your dad tries to get you off your computer whilist you're trading, ignore him until the trade is over.

D Vader96's Story

I (D Vader96) was at the Graveyard of Shadows in the wildy, when i met a guy who was lvl 50 (25 lvls higher than me, do the math :P) He suggested we go to lvl 48 wild. I made a mistake here; I trusted him and went to lvl 48 with him. When we got there he cast a fire spell on me and i started running away. Fortunately, I managed to get to lvl 23 wild where he could no longer attack me, but then i ran out of run energy and a skeleton finished me off. Fortunately, I lost items that I was easily able to replace and I hadn't brought any money with me. After i died, I PM-ed him saying "U bser i trusted u!!!!!" He responded calling me a noob. I put him on ignore and reported him. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!!! If you meet someone in the wild for the first time, get to know them (A LOT) before trusting them as a complete stranger will more than likely BS you. Don't make the same mistake I did!

Gulped's Story

I (Gulped), have a story. A story of me being scammed. I did break a rule, the rule of not buying accounts, but didn't listen. Here is my story:

One day, while training, I was mad, because training was annoying, and I HATED it. I wished it were quicker. And then thought, "well... since I hate training, and plain suck at it... why not just merchant and earn money, then buy a powerful account!". So I did. It turned out that I was a great merchant! I made 20m+ withen a week! Now I'd though I'd buy an account. I saw a nice one, for a good price on the Sythe.org forums. It was only 5m, and had amazing stats! 216 quest points (all but 7 done!), many stats 80+! Many nice items in bank! It was amazing. We did 50/50, I paid 2.5, he gave info, I paid 2.5m again, for the 5m. I added recovs and changed the info. But I didn't add members, because it had credit on it. That was my mistake. I spent hours of continuious play on the account. I bought some very nice armour with my change (full infinity, dragon axe, d square), put on some of the nice quest items he had (legends cape, lunar ammy), and looked amazing. I decided to start fletching/woodcutting, and wanted to get both to 99, which would be hard. I started in Rimmington, and stayed there for a long time. After a few hours, I logged out, thinking my account was safe. The next day I tried logging in, it said my pass was incorrect I was mad, and didn't know how he recovered. But he still managed to do so. It turns out he used his members info, postal code and e-mail, as well as hit knowing about the accounts previous passwords, etc. And he probably gave me fake ones. The recovs didn't even protect the account. I msn'd him, and he was laughing, and saying things to me. So long story short, I lost ALL of my RS possessions. I now only have 1.4m left, on a rc pure. But it's ok, i'm training the skills my self! 99 RC ftw!

Aarqon3's Story

Please don't call me a noob for this. :)

One day, I (Aarqon3) was standing (just standing) in Varrock East Bank listening to people argue. I see some guy walk past me and he's wearing mithril (like me), only his is gold trimmed. Very cool. So I go up to him and ask him how he did that. He tells me that he did it himself and would do it for me for free whilst raising his crafting skill. I got him the 10 gold bars, 10k and my mithril as he wanted, and he told me to follow him. I followed him for about 20 steps, then he stopped. He stood there blankly for about 5 minutes, and then disappeared. Luckily I had him on my friends list, so I reported him and then tried to get him to give me my mith and my stuff back. He just spammed me and disappeared, I never saw him again. His name was Carniack, and if you ever see him and he tries something, don't fall for it, take action. Or better yet, just avoid him.

  • Mithril cannot be trimmed, this is lie.
  • ^^I second this, this story should be deleted^^
  • Or perhaps it was Rune, and he didn't know the difference?
  • That is very likely, they are similiar in appearance and colour. It's impossible to physically trim armour yourself however.

Chiafriend12's Story

This is an example of the Law running scam.

Since I'm a member with over 45 magic and I want more expierience in magic what do I do? I go to world 66 to go law running of course! So I go to world 66 and law run. After about 30 minutes I've acquired around 120 law runes. So I see someone saying "Open 20", which delights me. Normally I say "Law me 15" for quick laws to go bank, so I traded with the guy. I offered my 27 pure essence, and he offered the 27 noted pure essence, and 2 laws instead of 20, like he said. I didn't pay attention, and accepted past the second screen. I didn't really get "scammed", but I got a bad deal. He just ":P noob"ed at me and went back to craft the pure essence he got from me.

Ackny's Story

I am a noob because of this.

I was wandering around varrock. I had full rune and a rune weapon and one day a guy offered me 1 mill for my full rune and my rune battle-axe. I have seen this many times and rejected but this time I gave in to the greed. I had major suspicions mainly because he was a low level with a confusiong name but I didn't listen to them. In the trade screen he put up his one mill and I put up all my rune stuff. But then he put all this other crap and while I waited he quickly changed the 1 mill to 10k. I accepted and I breezed through the trade screen and suddenly reality hit me on the face. He called me a noob and logged out. I was unable to report him because of his name. And I could not look it up on the chat box because of all the chat. Brutally scammed and I haven't recovered yet.

Sir Lenehan's Story

I should tell you that this scam happened to my quite a while ago and is no longer around because Jagex decided to create some updates to prevent it after my complaints and bug abuse reports.

A high level player who shall remain nameless was having a 90+ construction party. He invited many players into his house in Taverly. I was wearing my full sara at the time with Saradomin cloak and dragon longsword. I decided to go into the dungeon. I knew that if i died i wouldn't lose anything. The owner of the house fights some of us myself included. He uses a whip and then a ddp++. I get poisoned along with several others. As soon as i reach 5hp the owner kicks everyone out of his house. I ended up outside with 5hp and died instantly due to the poison from his dagger. I also noticed many other died too. I lost my saradomin cloak (worth about 1 mil), my saradomin helmet (250k) , my sara kite shield (500k) and my d long(100k)along with about 20k of random items. I ended up in fally and ran immediatly to the spot hoping to see if some of my items might be still there. They weren't. As i got there i saw someone else wearing my helmet. A player told me later that the owner/scammer got my cloak but not my helmet. I asked for my helmet back but the player said it was his and refused.

By the way I have long since recovered from this. I now have my full sara back after months of pain-staking work and I hope I will never lose it again. Also, the owner of the house never got permanently banned and is still on the hiscores to this day.

Dculpepper's Story

I was once wearing Addy armor. A guy, one level higher than me, offered 100K for it, I said okay, knowing it was a scam. He offered the 100K and I offered the Addy armor. He started offering a bunch of junk, but then edited the 100K to 10K. This was before the trade edited update and I accepted. I lost my addy armor, but I worked hard to earn 3 mill. Later on I saw the same guy, he didn't recognize me though. While I improved one level, he was now a level 70 with full Zammy. I offered my 3m for his armor and he offered his armor. I "accidentally" declined and said Oops and re-offered my trade. I quickly changed the money to 3k while offering junk. He accepted. I had used the scammer's own medicine against him and I scammed him better than he did me. I then sold the Zammy for 2.5m and transfered the money to my main account.

Drinol's Story

This is an example of the Drop Trade Scam.

I was on my account, Durial618. People were saying I was Durial321. A player came up to me and asked if I wanted a Blue Partyhat from the Fally massacre. He had a crown on top of his head (though it wasnt a blue partyhat) I traded him, and he said he would drop it for me because if he traded it, he might get reported by Jagex for Real world trading (It was true that Jag was autobanning people because they gave gifts to friends). I gave him 160m, and he logged. I waited for about 15 minutes and then a P mod cam and said "you got scammed, i reported him, dont worry". I saved up for a year for that 160m!!!!

Da bomba3's Story

I was on my account Zezima123550 when I saw a level 3 named Devil666hell saying "Free level 99 cooking ill cook nything" (this was before Jagex made the assist), I saw quite a few people walking up to him and trading the lowest level one was a level 13 and the highest level was a level 62. Now, I knew this was a scam mainly because he was imitating my own cooking account Devil 666hel and Devil doesn't even have 99 cooking he has 53 cooking. I reported him for scamming.

Morgoth Bauglir's Story

I was on my account Jacare2005 killing the mole with my full Verac's. Suddenly a guy comes and says he wants to buy my candle because he doesn't have one for him. Being a seasoned player, I knew it was an obvious scam: If he did not have his candle, he would be attacked by bugs, but he wasn't, so he HAD a candle. If I had given my candle away I would have been attacked by the bugs, I would have died and lost full Verac's. Luckily I knew about it, information is the best weapon against scams.

Aticus Slash's Story:

Haru Axeman 22:05, 15 April 2008 (UTC) So, I was on my account Haru Axeman, and I was coming out of the Varrock bank, off to kill hill giants. Then this guy, Jagememmaker, says "congratulations Haru, you have made it through 2 years of runescape, so I'll give you free membership!" As one would expect, I was excited. but then he said he needed to access my account, I was sure it was a scam, and replied: "You're just a scammer out to steal my pass, aren't you?" He insisted he wasn't. I told him this fact: (anyone reading this, remember what I'm about to say) "if something sounds to good to be true, it usually is." So a long talk ensued,with me being more and more convinced he was scamming. Luckily for me, I had to get off and go to bed, when I suddenly realzed two things: 1, Jagex mods have crowns next to their names, 2, I have the right to report anybody who asks for my pass, as my account can be used only by 3 people: Me, Myself, and I. Thankfully, I have been through the Stronghld of Security several times, and I have a 95% legal trick up my sleeve for the person stupid enough to try and password scam me.

Kevin-020's Story

I was a new member, and I thought I was rich because of my 30k. A guy came up to me and offered full gilded rune for 30k. Being my moronic noob self I gave in, and we walked to the bank. He was saying odd stuff, but I disregarded it. He said "Kk, give me the money, and I'll do the rest." I traded him and gave him the 30k. He said, "You give me the money....and I run away!!!" He logged, and because this was World 2 in the middle of Varrock bank, I lost what his name was. I have more than recovered by now, but I still gave in to noobish greed.

Kentis99's Story

It was a typical day when I was just a level 35. The sun was shining, and you just knew something would go wrong. Well, something did go wrong. My friend, Bladex502 said that his mom wanted to make him and a friend members. He said he chose me. I was a little reluctant, but in the end I gave my password to him. He stole nothing much but full black, at that time was very valuable due to the release of King's Ransom. It might sound embarrassing, but I cried after that before realizing my recoveries had a use. I have my account back, and have made a vow never to be tricked that easily anymore. I never saw Bladex502 anymore, last I heard of him, he sold his account and got banned.

Spencemac724's Story

I was in the wildy pking players as usual. i had full rune g trimmed on. this one dude said he would trade his full sara for my full rune g. so i traded the guy. i offered my armor and he offered his. then when i was about to accept, he removed all of his armor. i didn't notice that and i accepted. I was scammed for more than 1.5 mil that day. i couldnt report him since he only talked on the game 1 time. never get distracted when doing a trade.

Makuta Omega's Story

One day i was in Lumbrige, fishing and cooking. i ran out of logs and ran to Lumbrige swamp to get some more a level 89 walked up to me and said "Hey is that ful black?" i said yes. he said he could turn it into gold for me if i traded him, i did, he said he made 100k from turning it into money and then showed it to me. i gave him my legs he loged out i reported him.

Shadow's Story

Okay so one day in f2p, I was training my runecraft level in varrock by runecrafting earth runes. This was after i had just earned 1.2M by high alching 1k steel plates, but the resources took me a while to get. Well, as i was running back and forth, i met a player named Egg m4n who had trouble earning money once again after he "supposedly" got scammed and lost 12M. So, days later, he was following me, kissing my ass, and said that he has an idea of getting his money but he needs money to buy a rune plate t and needed 600k. Stupidly, i gave him the money and he went to varrock world 1 to buy it but he really bought runes to train his magic level. He never gave me the money back. I guess it was my fault for trusting a total stranger and my laziness to look up the cost of rune plate t. I guess his stupidity that existed in all of his messages infected me. If you ever see Egg m4n, or his other account, Nick Repel, STAY AWAY FROM HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!

Fortis3 (AKA Ultimato9)'s Story

Back when I was a noob, I was walking to Varrock and this player named Recovery??? (I don't remember the numbers) contacted me in PM. He said that he was a Jagex Moderator and that he needed me to log out of my account for 5 minutes to check if the account was stolen or not. I asked him where his "gold crown" is. He said that newly-employed Jagex moderators needed to work to get the crown. I told him he was an impostor and I reported him for Jagex Staff Impersonation. I then went up to Lumbridge Bank and warned everyone about Recovery???. Now, almost a year later, I have never heard from Recovery??? again. Maybe he got banned. Maybe he realized he couldn't trick me. We may never know. But I know one thing. I avoided a fatal scam that day and maybe caused other people to avoid the same scam. That makes me feel good. :)

Another scam, which I was not so lucky to avoid: One day I was in the Port Sarim Jail and this player who's username I can't remember walked up to me and gave me a toy horsey. I played with for it a while and then he asked me if he could borrow my shortbow. I agreed but I told him if he scammed me I would report him. I traded with him anyway and he teleported away. I waited for a couple of minutes and then he contacted me through PM and said 'Haha noob u got scammed'. Even though my shortbow wasn't worth much, I was mad that he tricked me for his own personal gain. I reported him.

That's it!

Apks94's Story

One day I(Apks94)was working on The Grand Tree Quest. I wanted to melee the demon but before I got to the black demon I decided to buy a rune halberd. I went to the G.E. and tried to buy 1 at max price...none ever came. A player (i think he was Mrhat1999) told me he had 1 and if I gave him 10k he'd give me 1. I told him he'd better not be lying and if he took off I'd report him. So I gave him 10k and he went to his bank like he was withdrawling it. I asked him where it was. He just said "Heh Heh Heh" and took off. I chased him for a while but I guess he ran out of run so he teled to Lumbridge. I forgot that I just used the spell. So I ran to Lumbridge but when I got there he was no where to be seen. I reported him and I've never seen him since. I guess the lesson here is ask to see the item first.

maxblade09's story

One day i was level 53,finishing up the witch's potion quest and was going to do dragon slayer!but i had never slayed a dragon before.so i went to Ge and got an anti dragon shield,i was a new member and i went to my friend(it's been a while so i cant remember his name, plus he was a new friend)and told him to come with me,i didn't know where the dragons were and my friend thought he did.So we ventured through the wildy,and to mage arena(suprisingly he didn't know where it was too)and we were killed by a rev demon!!!i didn't lose much valuable but i lost alot of food.we both spawned in lumby and he yelled at me for making Him lose HIs stuff and he logged out in a humph.he logged back in a minute and said" H A H A u got scammed nub!"i reported him and deleteing him from my friends list and ignored him

(MORAL)Never trust A new friend,especialy going into the wilderness!

Zu Chan's Story

it was a typical day in the Hill Giant cave,people fighting,people dying,people high alching,when suddenly something on the Chatbox caught my eye:"Cuchillas1:Yeah,man I'm quitting rs and im giving away my Full Sara".I knew this was a scam.But I had to make sure of that because alot of times things turn out to be not scams.He said to follow him.Me and 3 other people followed him up.He asked us which parts of his armor we wanted.I called his shield and his Rune Scimitar.Cuchillas said we had to play a Trust Game.First,we had to give him all our armor,he wears it,and gives it back with the piece of armor we want.He traded with the first guy,who had a Zamorak Shield and gave him all his armor.Cuchillas wore the armor and gave it back.And he actually gave the Saradomin Full Helmet to him!I knew this wasn't a scam.I gave him my armor,and he collected the other armor,then ran away.I was mad.I started threatening him by saying stuff to him in Private Chat like,"Lol man ima hack you sooo bad you just watch..."Even though he gave his Saradomin Full Helmet,he got 2 sets of Full Rune and 1 set of Full Addy!Never Fall for this Scam!It may be clever,but its not impossible to avoid.

Oli4burggraa's Story

I was killing moss giants, nearly dying, when I leveled to combat level 60. Immediately after that, I got a message from a very friendly user which said something like 'I work for Jagex. We need to fix a bug on your account. If you don't give me your password so that we can go on your acc, I will have to ban you'. Stupid as I was, I hesitated. I said "be right back" and phoned a friend who knew my password. I said "I've got a problem", explained it, and he said "I'll fix it". So he gave the scammer my pass. After an hour, I went on my account. I couldn't. I somehow immediately started to cry (because I had had this account for months and had become attached to it). After three days of being depressed, my friend came to my house. I opened the door, and immediately closed it. He said he had something nice. I said: "what?" and he said "your pass". I opened the door and he said: "this is your new pass, I used your recovery questions". We logged in, I found out I had lost almost all my stuff and only had some monk robes left, but I was thrilled to have my account back.

So, kids, NEVER EVER trust someone who says they're from Jagex staff. Jagex won't ask you for your pass, they already have it as it is their game! Oli4burggraa 20:46, 12 January 2009 (UTC)

Mr Halkyard1's Story

I was selling full adamant (g) when i was level 70* and this guy came up to me and said he would buy it for 1M (1000k) so he traded it me and said quick trade as he had to go out. But just before i accepted he changed it to 10004gp and i quickly accepted. I tried reporting him but he had a name with random numbers so i had to just leave myself poor.

Try not to get scammed by this scam, it is easy to avoid, check the final trade screen.

  • I am now 101 combat.

Trunks206's story

Due to the fact this happend a long time ago my memory is very dull. I was about level 56 and I had full adamant armour. I had gotten 364k from Cow Hide. This guy asked me if I wanted to buy a very expensive item and I told him I didn't have enough. He told me he would take all I got and to quickly meet him, for he had to log out. I was wearing my armour and had a rune scimmy (and of course the money was there too!). I met this guy in the level 2 of the wilderness, he was a shockingly low level and was chopping trees. I took one step foward and his mage buddy killed me within a matter of seconds. It started a short lived rivalry with the mage but I never saw the other guy again. As for the second show down with the mage? I was fully ready with lobsters and pots and I gave him a taste of his own medicine. My cousion comes up and helps me with him and right before he almost died he teleported that was the last time I ever met that guy. And just for the heck of it I'm going to tell another story from way back. Back in 2004 (Note: I played for a few months in 2004 but I didn't actually start playing until 2006, I was on and off in 07 and 08 and I just got started up again, thats why my account is Level 85 though its 5 years old.) I was level 11 and this is the first time I got scammed. I had just found a steel longsword and some level 24 said he could upgrade it. I gave it to him and he rubbed it in my face. I vowed to quit Runescape, instead I created a new account until I switched over again. Yes..... This was over a steel longsword.

Alex Tycoon's story

Back on my old account Alex Tycoon I was just about level 50 and had just gotten full rune I was so happy , I was walking around Varrock and this guy follows me. What ??? I say and he replies want this item worth 1mil ?? Being a noob I said yes and we met at the general store where I traded my full rune and 50k or his Charcoal and tried to sell it to the generak stall to find its worth (can't remember lets say 5gp) 5gp , I was so mad and it took me ages to save up to buy full rune again Iater I followed hundreds of people to a Millionaire with 1mil which he showed but then told us to play the trust game which we did and were scammed of our possesions this time I only lost a rune scimmy and had one back in days but this was long before the G.E.

Soldier 1033's story

I feel like an idiot now for falling for this but it happened quite awhile ago.

I was merchanting in Varrock when a player walked up and asked me if I wanted to join his clan. He told me that if I joined I would be given the clan uniform; an obsidian cape! I was extremely excited and agreed to join. He told me that I needed to bring all of my best items to show to the clan leader to prove that I was worthy of his clan. (It was obviously a scam but I was too excited and wasn't thinking straight)

He lead me into lumbridge swamp and handed me a candle to use as a light source. As we ventured into the caves below the swamp I began to feel uneasy. All of a sudden my candle went out and the bugs started hitting rapid 1s on me. I almost made it back to the exit, but I ended up dying and losing all of my valuable items and money. I was left with a rune platebody, kiteshield, and platelegs. The estimated price of the items I lost at the time was around 1.9 million. I had the guy added but every time he logged on and I PMed him he immediately logged out. I have long since recovered from this but it is a constant reminder to pay attention while playing.

george16's story

I (Lordgeorge16) was once lured into the wilderness by some guy 20 levels higher than me (I had only joined RuneScape a few weeks ago at the time), and I didn't know much about scams and luring. So he lured me into the wilderness, saying he'd protect me. I was 60 levels lower than I am now, so I thought I could trust this guy. We went all the way into about 40 Wilderness when he told me to attack him. I had enough common sense to know that I would die, so I refused. He started hitting me, so I closed my browser, hoping I would log out. I logged back in about 5 minutes later, and found myself in Lumbridge, no items left (at the time, I didn't have anything valuable anyway). Also, I didn't know I could report him, so he got away. All I could do was add him to ignore. I never saw him again. Darn you, Pwnuall50, darn you!

Vhosythe42's Story

Once upon a time, I was the luckiest player on RuneScape one day and the dumbest the next. I had a dear friend (I think his name was Dango_Diablo8?) on my main, Kit_Fisto198, who hung out with me on the Karamjan volcano that day. The conversation soon led to typical RuneScape topics: money, armor, training, the like. Dango caught me completely off guard when he traded me an Adam Plate(G) FOR FREE (this was before the trade limit, probably in 2005 or 2006)! I loved that thing: although I couldn't afford the rest of the set at the time, it was my pride and joy. But one day I became cocky. I brought it into the (good ol') wilderness along with Adamant legs and a Rune scimitar so I thought I wouldn't lose anything. Two high-levelled girls followed me and asked me if I wanted to be in their clan. Nobody had asked me that before and I was thrilled, but was naïve when they said that I had to be skulled in order to join. I attacked someone a few levels lower than me and the two scammers pounced. I didn't know what skulling did and thought that I'd lose nothing, and thus did not run. A few seconds later, I learned the horrifying truth: the token of my grest Gielinorian friendship had been lost.



Shadowknux5s' story

Back when i was a young, noobish level 12 player, this level 72 guy met me outside the wildy (Back then i didn't know what the wildy was) he claimed that in the wildy there was a "magical chest" past that lava lake thing, we walked down there, i took some hits but i made it and then he said, "oh wait, i forgot, i need to use this spell that results in your death but teleports you to the chest" i had 3 items that i had picked up, adamant plate, rune scimi and gold trim black helm, so i thought i'd keep the items, he killed me and i lost all of them, AND he leveled up a mage level, i mean to say the truth, even i shouldn't had fell for that, but people can seem very trustworthy sometimes, especially when greed kicks in. DON'T FALL FOR IT I TELL YOU!!! HE LIES!!!!

Zfangridea's story

This happened when I was a lV 15 noob, but I had been working FOREVER to raise my Woodcutting! I had it at 38, and I had 20k from dugeons(The Stronghold of Security/Player Safety...)and someone sold me an addy axe. One of my recent aquaintences, Pooid???(Can't remember the #s) asked to borrow the axe. I tried to lend, but it said it couldn't be lent, so I traded. He cut with it, then logged out, luckily I added him, then followed to the next world he went to! He moved, and tried to run away, but I reported him :) Luckil, I have sence easily gotten back my addy axe :) Be careful of people who want to 'test' your stuff.

Hutchy232,s story

I was just a noob when this happened, I was at drayor bank and I just gotten mithril full armour and a guy said to me do you want your armour trimmed for 500g. I knew that trimmed armour was more expensive so i thought i could earn some money, so he took me to a empty house and he said give me the armour and the money. I Gave him it and then he said to make this work prees alt and f4. I did and my thing went off i opened it again and logged in again nd he was long gone i have been scammed a few times about 3times but now for 2years not a single scam have happened to me and i saved around 10 noobs from being scammed and help a low lvl who lost full broze by letting him have my old one.

TakedaIesyu,s story

Bounty World. This is where I fell for a terrible scam.

I used to enjoy 1-Iteming with my trusty-ol-bloody-ol Dragon Battleaxe at combat level 76. So I'm walking around in Edgeville, thinking of somewhere to go, when I see this level 40 player in full Black D'hide and a Magic shortbow calling out "Need pvp partner!" So I go up and offer to be her partner. We add each other, and head into the wilderness. I ask her if she wanted to go PKing at Fist of Guthix and she says "Nty. Lets go to like 35-40, k?" I oblige, but some familiar sense inside of me stirred. Something was wrong with this fighter. I asked her what we were going to do and she said "Get ep. Mor ep, better drops". I ask her "Wer u heer this?" to which she responds "On the website.". I know that something's wrong, now, so I ask her "U meen drsw?" which, of course, is the Dark RuneScape Wiki. This was the test. She failed the test. "Ya." was her reply. I called her a bser and started running south. I suddenly freeze and get hit with a Snare. She starts ranging me to death. I try to teleport to Varrock, only to get the message "You cannot teleport on Bounty Worlds." I try to activate Protect Item, but was too late.

I died, lost over 125K in items, and started PKing on a free world with full Adamant and a Rune Scimitar.

Badgernator3's story

I was very nooby at the time, only about level 9 and I had just discovered Falador (that's how nooby I was) and won 48k in the party room. Obviously excited, i went to Varrock to buy some full steel and other things. Mostly for skills... So somebody with a much higher level than me comes up to me and tells me that there is a special key that opens the door to a treasure room with full Rune and 1200k in it. Stupidly, I followed him and he said the 'key' was in the deep wildy, right by the gate that separated the member's area from f2p. He told me to open the gate and just as I found I couldn't, I got killed by an ice giant... I only lost 48k but being a noob it felt like losing full dragon. he happily looted my items and Pm'ed me, calling me a noob. So, never follow anybody in to the Wildy. EVER, unless you know them.

Happily, I am now level 68 and a millionaire, ironically, thanks to winning money at the party room...

Blackcane5's story

Hello my username is blackcane5 and i want to tell you the story about how iwas scammed. I was on a clan when one of the people (who's name i will not mention) asked me if i want to go o mine a shooting star in pvp world. I stupidly agreed and so we went to world 21 in al kharid past the gate near the granite mine. When we got there there was a team. there were a few mages, ranger but lots of melees and i had brought lots of star dust waiting in my bank so i could get a big reward. I was piled and died and lost a lot of star dust. so you shoudn't trust people you don't know.